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Owner Operators

Finding top paying loads is our specialty, all you have to do is concentrate on driving. Let us handle all the phone calls, negotiate best rates with brokers, send load e-mails, fill out boring paperwork, work out regular lanes, resolve all issues and most importantly save you money with our low fee package plans and absolutely no contract.
We guarantee!


Trucking Companies

Our experienced dispatchers can also be optimized extension to your existing team, with a full range of responsibility but only for the fraction of the cost. Moreover, we can easily handle your hard to fill after hours or night shift, providing professional experience and customer satisfaction. Our dispatchers are certified by industry specialists. 
We guarantee!


Freight Brokers

We are the leading truck dispatcher service and with 25+ years of experience in a trucking industry, it is our valuable advantage. While our 300+ drivers are ready and dedicated to transport your valuable goods on time, we are 24/7 here to update you regularly. All our dispatchers will always provide honest updates 3 times per day, no more lies. 
We guarantee!


We are proud of our achievements and we don't hide them



Our pool of drivers is growing daily, 
making us a number one source 
for dispatch service.



We select only best candidates, and with 
our training and examination they 
become certified.



Founded in 2012 for a small business 
today we are the leader in dispatch 
service for the US market.


It's all about trust and transparency 

To give you a complete piece of mind, we are a fully registered US-based company and upon working with us, we will provide our complete document package along with W-9. Besides, we have an actual physical location in the Chicago area, so you can visit us anytime. But what will give you the most convenience is our easy Zelle payment transfers to the Chase bank with zero fees for you and with the bank you trust.These are our competitive advantages comparing to many other shady companies using international wires, Western Unions, without W-9 and not even a physical presence in the US. Think about it!



We offer FREE ONE-WEEK TRIAL of our truck dispatch service to make sure we are the right fit for your trucking business.


We have trucking reasons for our service


Remote truck dispatch services are becoming very popular for its cost efficient way to have skilled truck dispatchers working exclusively for you.


Managing a full time office and in-house dispatchers will cost you thousands of dollars. With us, you can have affordable office with skilled dispatchers.


It's hard to find talented truck dispatchers but even harder to train them right. With us, we take all the stress recruiting, training and managing for you.


Labor related lawsuits or violations are costly, especially miss-classifying W-2 employees or not paying overtime. With us, you are in compliance. 


Let's get these moving

*Currently not servicing: Box Trucks, Sprinter Vans and Hot Shots


53' Dry Vans

If you are looking for a proficient dry van dispatcher to manage your dry van freight, feasible consolidation or practical drop and hook. Learn more...
Dispatcher360 has experienced dispatchers!


53' Reefers

In case you need a reefer dispatcher to specialize in a temperature controlled shipping, overcoming time sensitive monitoring and delivery. Learn more...
Dispatcher360 has expert dispatchers!


53' Flatbeds

Whether you need a flatbed dispatcher to handle any type of flat bed, step deck of double-drop deck trailer or move an over dimensional shipment. Learn more...
Dispatcher360 has skilled dispatchers!


Car Haulers

Given you prefer a car hauler dispatcher to arrange transportation of vehicles in open or enclosed car haulers, with care from start to finish. Learn more...
Dispatcher360 has reliable dispatchers!


Hot Shot

Possibly you require a hot shot dispatcher to apprehend different means of transportation in a supply chain of various equipment. Learn more...
Dispatcher360 has proven dispatchers!


Power Only

Still don't have your own trailer? We can help you start your operations and make money while you still look for your own trailer. Learn more...
Dispatcher360 has competent dispatchers!


Our process is simple... Our dispatchers will work for you by your rules!

  • We help small and medium-size transportation companies to find loads for their trucks, dispatch drivers and assist with daily operations. 

  • Using our remote dispatchers you can SAVE 50%-87% on the cost of office, training, managing and keeping “in-house” employees. We create competitive advantage! 

  • Most of our dispatchers hold master degrees from prominent universities. Upon hiring we also train and certify them with our best industry experts.

  • You are assigned with a dispatch manager to supervise dispatcher's daily operations and answer your questions anytime.

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    TRUCKING DISPATCH COMPANYDriving a truck or managing a fleet is tough work. You don't have a minute to waste. Instead of spending hours every day or week on paperwork, administrative tasks, negotiations and finding loads, you can count on us at Dispatcher 360 to handle all of these duties for you. Our dispatch services for trucking companies, owner operators and freight brokers will save you time, reduce your costs and help you reach your productivity and profitability goals.
    ABOUT OUR TRUCKING DISPATCH SERVICEWe set and maintain high standards for ourselves, and that shows in the quality of service we provide to our customers. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our clients, and we do so without any contract requirements. People stick with us because they want to, which demonstrates our commitment to customer care. We support our employees so they can support you. Each team member receives the right encouragement, training and education to deliver excellent service. By treating our team right, we keep we build loyalty and retain experienced employees.
    HOW WE CAN HELP YOUOur company provides exclusive truck dispatchers to save you money compared to the expenses related to in-house dispatching staff. We also help carriers select the top-paying freight for their trucks. By negotiating on your behalf and giving you the best options, we make it easier for you to choose which loads to accept. You give us your rules, such as when you want off and where you prefer to drive, and we'll find the top routes. For freight brokers, we'll pair you with the right drivers to move more loads with minimal downtime. We're the industry leader among dispatch service trucking companies because we provide you with the tools you need to keep your trucks full and on the road.
    WHO WE SERVEWe serve owner operators, trucking companies and freight brokers. Our clients include individuals, small businesses and rapidly growing companies.
    OWNER OPERATORSIndependent truck drivers love working with us. You'll have a single point of contact through a dedicated truck dispatcher. Your dispatcher has inside knowledge of logistics and transportation and always looks out for your best interests. You'll provide us with your preferred driving days and times as well as the distance you're willing to drive. Your dispatcher will maintain knowledge of your routes and schedule to provide you with critical support. Your load options will be customized, and we'll negotiate the best rates on your behalf.
    TRUCKING COMPANIESTrucking companies count on us for providing coordinated logistical services. We understand the complexity of the business and allow you to focus on freight delivery instead of administrative chores. Our services provide you with a key competitive edge that works in your favor for growth and profitability. We assign a dedicated dispatcher to work with you. By developing rapport, we're able to meet your needs and get to know your transportation company in intricate detail.
    FREIGHT BROKERSAs a freight broker, you want to work with the best trucking dispatch companies. We have more than 25 years of experience in the transportation industry. With more than 300 drivers on our roster, we'll ensure that your valuable goods are delivered on time and in perfect condition. Our dispatchers work 24/7, and we provide you with regular updates at least three times per day about the location, status, and arrival time of your freight.
    WHAT SETS DISPATCHER360 APARTAt Dispatcher 360, we create a mutually beneficial relationship between our company and our customers. Our goal is your success. We help you grow your business and save money at the same time. Qualities that set us apart from other freight dispatch companies:
    - More than 25 years of experience - Coordination for all types of freight and trucks - Certified dispatchers - Continuous improvement and growth - Honest and ethical business practices - Upfront fee structure - Multiple layers of dispatcher coverage
    HOW TO GET STARTED WITH USWe make it easy to get started with our dispatching services. The steps to working with us are simple and fast. Before you know it, you'll be working with the best of the trucking dispatch companies in the USA. Follow these steps to get started with us:
    - Pick a service plan. We give you all the details so that you can make an informed decision and pick the best plan for your needs. - Sign our agreement. This agreement details your rights and responsibilities for working with us. - Exchange information. You'll provide us with details about your business, and we'll set you up with an exclusive dispatcher and access to load database information. - Accept loads. We'll start negotiating on your behalf as soon as your profile is complete. We put the rates, loads and pertinent details into your online account for your review. - Close the loop. We only invoice you for the loads you accept. Your invoice appears the week after the work is complete.
    BENEFITS OF WORKING WITH A DISPATCH COMPANYAs your business grows, the amount of time it takes to handle the paperwork, book the loads and coordinate routes increases at an exponential rate. Keeping someone on staff to do this in-house is expensive, and you won't have a backup if they get sick or quit. Choosing a freelancer to handle your dispatching means you might not get someone with the right experience or savvy business skills. When you choose us, you'll benefit from our:
    - Experienced negotiators - 24/7/365 dispatcher coverage - Resources for growth - Skilled and highly trained dispatchers - Rapid problem solving - Clear and concise communication
    At Dispatcher 360, we're prepared to assist you with all of your administrative needs. Whether you're an independent owner/operator, a freight broker or the manager of a trucking company, we've got you covered. Our goal is to simplify the logistics process so that you can spend more time working and getting things done. Leave all the administration, paperwork and coordination to us. For more details about our dispatch logistics company, reach out to us at 815.264.2000, or send us an email at moc.063rehctapsid%40tcatnoc. You can also complete our online contact form here for additional information, and one of our customer care associates will get back with you as soon as possible. Maximize your time and earning potential, and get started with us today.

It's not how much money you make. It's how much money you keep.

Robert T. Kiyosaki

Current transportation market is very challenging, when prices are low, your option is to cut your expense. Remote truck dispatching service is becoming a trend of smart operations. Hundreds of drivers along with their companies are using our truck dispatch service, don't be left behind!



Still have some hesitations whether cooperation with us is worth the trouble? Check out reasons why you should choose us among other companies!

Data Management

We use organized data management system to help our clients locate needed information quickly

Flexibility to Scale

We have over 50 truck dispatchers to help your business upgrade or downgrade if desired anytime

24/7 Operations

We operate non-stop 24 hours per day 7 days a week, ideal solution for your night or after hours shift

Pay for Result Only

We are commission based dispatch service and our payment depends on our results, no pay if no result

Dispatch Managers

We understand when complicated issues occur our truck dispatchers seek professional management advice

Productive Environment

We understand that truck dispatch performance is related to comfortable work environment and reliable tech

Save & Profit

We can't stress enough how much you will save by using our service, specially under current market conditions


Opportunity Cost

We control your dispatch giving you opportunity and time to concentrate on more important things in life


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